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Saturnus’ Skärgårdssnapsar (Archipelago schnapps) is a tasteful journey through our archipelagos. The ten flavoured schnapps takes us on a journey from Stockholm's beautiful archipelago, through Österlen and on to beautiful destinations on the West Coast. Sandhamn, Utö, Fjäderholmarna, Brännö, and Vinga are examples of the trip ashore. The flavours of the schnapps are adapted for the traditional festive Swedish cuisine and its broad palette of flavours. From pickled herring, fermented herring and cheese, to poultry, fish and seafood. The ten miniature schnapps contains 5 cl each.


Vinga Aquavit The pleasant cumin character makes Vinga Aquavit ideal for both the cheese plate and the seafood plateau. Vinga Aquavit is also excellent for the yearly crayfish party.

Piratens Akvavit

Seasoned with caraway and dill and with a distinct character of oak barrel stored sherry. This akvavit brings out the best of tasty food like herring, Swedish dish `Jansson's Frestelse´ and strong well-aged cheeses.


Herring, salt and schnapps. A tasty trinity meeting at Saltö, a small, beautiful and, windy island in the west coast archipelago. The aquavit is made from distilled caraway, fennel and handpicked sweet gale. Flavours perfect with salted herring, cheese and fresh seafood.

Piratens Bitter

Full-bodied and bittersweet character makes Piratens Bitter a great companion to the cellar-cold beer, or as a kick-off aperitif.


A mild schnapps with sweet and fresh taste of elderflower and a hint of lemon. Serve chilled to herring, crayfish, lighter meats or freshly harvested asparagus.


Handpicked St John’s wort gives Brännö its beautiful colour. The herb schnapps enhances the best of the herring plates different tastes.


A spirted archipelago schnapps with a clear dill character and a light breeze of citrus peel. Light and distinct flavours that match perfectly with seafood, such as freshly cooked crayfish and fresh crab.


A little bottle of summer. Ripe black currant creates the smooth, rich taste but also the deep, lovely colour. Piquant along with crayfish, herring and sour herring.


Summer flavours of elderflower and lemon brings out the very best from light and medium-heavy dishes of poultry, fish and seafood.


The clear tone of sweet gale brings out the best in freshly fried fish, preferably herring. Or enjoy Sandhamn with heavier foods like eel and mackerel.