Svensk Sommar

Some favourites

Coffee Syrups

Saturnus coffee syrups are available in five delicious flavours - Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Caramel and Chocolate. Our syrups give your coffee a delicious accent and a nice sweetness, so no sugar is needed.

Our coffee syrups give a distinct flavour and when it blends with the coffee bean flavours, your coffee gets a balanced sweetness. Suitable any time of the day, but especially when you want to treat yourself with something really good. One bottle is enough for about 15 delicious coffee drinks.

Saturnus coffee syrup is manufactured in Malmö by a family company that has been working with flavours since 1893.

Piratens Besk

With Wormwood from Västra Strö outside Eslöv, we create Piratens Besk. A mild schnapps where dried wormwood sprig is allowed to soak for a day, no more. This creates a mild bitterness reminiscent of the one you put yourself.

Malmö Gin

Malmö Gin - Classic Gin in Malmöite

What does Malmö taste like? That was one of the early questions we asked ourselves when we were going to develop Malmö gin. Initially, we thought of flavors such as ramson from the beech forest or seaweed from Ribban. But for a few different reasons, we had to think again. That's when we came into contact with biodynamic farming at Botildenborg and we found the right place there. The answer to the question of what Malmö tastes like is Japanese turnip. This turnip looks like a golf ball and tastes like a peppery radish. In combination with juniper berries and sea buckthorn, we have the linchpin in the flavoring of Malmö gin. In addition to juniper, sea buckthorn and Japanese turnip, you will find lemon, coriander, bitter orange, long pepper and sorrel.

HYD Re:hydrate


A carbohydrate-electrolyte drink that improves water absorption during physical exercise. Magnesium and vitamin C contribute to the reduction of tiredness and exahustion. Avalible in three different flavoures, Raspberry, Pear and Lemon/Lime


Locally grown raw materials

All our mulled wine is made from well-selected ingredients with a craft tradition that has been inherited for generations. We are also the largest producer of spiced spirits in Sweden and we use locally grown raw materials as much as possible.