About us

Welcome to a world of beverages

This presentation of Saturnus makes a trip back in time of over a hundred years. At the same time, it is even more of a trip into the future - into our universe of new taste experiences. Our over one hundred years of experience provide a favourable and stable foundation upon which to stand as we launch new and exciting products. Far-sighted chemist Fritz Borg was able to think along new lines as early as in 1893 when he founded Saturnus in Malmö. His concept involved producing flavours for liqueurs and spirits. He took the next step a few years later when he began producing flavours for soft drinks, which were a new type of drink at that time. Saturnus has been in the possession of the Liepe family since 1920. Edward Liepe is the current owner and CEO. Saturnus has an annual turnover of SEK 120 million and employs about 35 people.

For a great many years, Saturnus was primarily recognised for its arrack punch, liqueur and glogg extracts. The company's current focus is on glogg, drink mixers and flavoured spirits. The raw material for all our products is today like in the old days spices, herbs and other natural ingredients, often sourced not so far from out factory in Malmö.

In February 1996, Saturnus became the first private company since 1917 to begin producing alcoholic beverages; the monopoly on producing alcohol was lifted in 1995. Skärgårdssnapsar, Stockholm Krystal Vodka and Kallsupen are examples of products that have enjoyed success both in Sweden and abroad.

Saturnus has also launched a number of new and exciting non-alcoholic products over the past decade. With the initiation of the coffee shop trend, coffee syrups were launched to add special flavours to coffee. Yet another new and exciting launch was when glogg based on a rosé wine made an entrance onto the Swedish market, more are coming.

Saturnus is a world of beverages, not limited to self-produced. We have put a great deal of effort into becoming the best collaboration partner for international brands over the past few years. We collaborate with recognised brands such as Aquador, Evian and Badoit.

We are now looking forward to offering even more taste experiences in our glogg and vodka ranges. At the same time, we want to offer Swedish consumers the opportunity of tasting healthy, internationally recognised thirst quenchers.