Cherry Syrup

Taste description: Mathieu Teisseire Cherry Syrup - where the whole story of Mathieu Teisseire syrup began. A delicious taste of sun-ripened cherries with a subtle hint of almond and sweet, floral aroma. With a lovely dark red colour, it adds depth to any drink it is paired with.

Uses: Mathieu Teisseire Syrup is perfectly designed to enhance the taste of any refreshing cold drink, coffee, tea, mocktail, cocktail, sauce or dessert.

List of ingredients: Fruit juices from concentrate: 44.5% (cherry 36.5%, lemon 7%, elderberry 1%), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, natural flavors.

Nutritional values: Energy 1392 kj /327 kcal. Fat <0.5, of which saturated fat <0.5, Carbohydrate: 81g, of which sugars: 75g, Protein <0.5, Salt 0g.

Article number: 77232

Amount: 700 milliliters

Country of manufacture: France