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Svensk Sommar is perhaps the most exciting Swedish news for the summer season 2020. Swedish Summer has a delicious taste of gooseberries and elderflowers with a touch of lemon.

Svensk Sommar is an Aperitif.
Aperitif means to open, and it is the sense of taste - the appetite that should be opened before dinner. The moment of the apéritif is not long, but it is often about fifteen minutes to gather and have a glass. The drink can be bitter, sweet and sour or even herbal and spicy. However, an apéritif before a good dinner should not be too spirited as it will only put the guests in the mood for the food and wine that will come. Many people choose to start the meal with a classic such as a glass of champagne, port or madeira, fine wines that have a long history. Others choose a pre-dinner cocktail.