Malmö Gin - Classic Gin

What does Malmö taste like? That was one of the early questions we asked ourselves when we were going to develop Malmö gin. Initially, we thought of flavors such as ramson from the beech forest or seaweed from Ribban. But for a few different reasons, we had to think again. That's when we came into contact with biodynamic farming at Botildenborg where we found the right answer. The answer to the question of what Malmö tastes like is Japanese turnip. This turnip looks like a golf ball and tastes like a peppery radish.

In combination with juniper berries and sea buckthorn, we have the linchpin in the flavoring of Malmö gin. In addition to juniper, sea buckthorn and Japanese turnip, you will find lemon, coriander, bitter orange, long pepper and sorrel. 

As for appearance, the label is also a tribute to the city and a flirtation with Saturnus long history. 

The "Ö" in Malmö can be a Danish/Swedish island. Or is it a Saturnus globe with two dots over it? 

The picture shows Stortorget around the year 1900 when Saturn was based there. Behind the statue of Karl X Gustav you can see what is today Hotel Kramer. 

Of course, we run a large Saturnus globe right over the label! 

To the right of the label, we have our old factory mark, Saturnus first logo. We had it on all the bottles we made around the year 1900. On these old labels we also had a picture of the King, Oscar II, as well as a seal from the Malmö Industry and Handicraft Exhibition anno 1896 where Saturnus was exhibiting. Not as obvious with that type of pictures on the labels today.


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