Quality and Environment


Saturnus' quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005

A well-established quality assurance policy is of great importance in terms of a company's continued development and survival.

Our quality assurance system must ensure that we supply secure products with the appropriate level of quality, on time with the right quantity to the correct place.

What guides our efforts related to quality assurance is the idea that "it should be easy to do it right” and that each individual should consider "how can I make it easier for others to do it right?”

Environmental Policy

The aim of Saturnus' environmental policy is to show employees and our surroundings that we contribute to reducing negative effects on the environment within the bounds of what is reasonable for our company.

Thus, we have set the following overall objectives for our efforts related to the environment:

  • Saturnus shall adhere to applicable environmental legislation.
  • When choosing suppliers, Saturnus shall to the extent possible prioritise those suppliers who have programmes in place for reducing negative effects on the environment.
  • Based on consumer preferences, demands on product safety and existing packaging solutions, Saturnus shall strive to choose packaging solutions that have the least negative effect on the environment.
  • Saturnus shall make efforts to minimise the number of its transports, as well as to choose the most efficient transportation solutions.
  • Saturnus shall choose the best investment solutions from the perspective of the environment when financial and technical differences are negligible but the difference to the environment is significant.
  • Saturnus shall adopt an open and honest attitude when communicating our commitment to the environment to extenal sources.